What Does a Webmaster Do? Do You Need to Hire a Webmaster, or Can You Do It Yourself?

Hello fellow webmasters,

Are you a webmaster who is unsure of what your job should involve? Do you frequently become consumed in one area of a site and in return leave other more important webmaster work go unfinished and subsequently ends up lacking its potential?

Lets show you what a webmasters job should entail.

It sounds like a pretty time consuming word, “webmaster” doesn’t it?

A lot of people would assume a webmaster is responsible for all work on their site and sites projects and that was it.

You’re right to make that assumption, but, the truth of the matter is that the webmaster is responsible for that and so much more!

A webmaster has to index a site; Indexing a site is the webmasters primary role. Indexing is best donee through webmaster tools. These are online tools that Google, Yahoo and Bing offer to all there webmasters, all you need is an e-mail that’s attached to that specific search engine. Once you have got an e-mail you are able to log in to a webmaster tool account that gets created and than attached to that email address.

When a site gets updated it is done by that sites webmaster. When the webmaster updates a site they should take these important points into consideration, Keywords, Keyphrases, Meta-tags, Meta description, Image tags, URL name designation.

Keywords; These are important, without these you will not get the results your after with search engines. Keywords – are words that are important to your sites niche that get traffic to your site. Your keywords should be updatedd whenever you find a keyword that is of high value to your site. If you let keywords go to waste than any other webmaster work you do may be in vain.

Keyphrases; Now these may sound similar to keywords and that’s because they should essentially be of the same orientation. Try to get as many of your keywords into all, or at least some of your keyphrases. For example, if you wanted to target the keyword pancakes. You would be best off to use it in a keyphrase that’s something like fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup Yum!

Meta-tags: Meta-tags long ago were an important part of SEO and webmaster work at the start of the search engine boom. Unfortunately, many webmasters would use these tags to target non related search results so in the end they got less weight in search engines. Just because the meta-tag has received less of a priority. It isn’t to say that it died, never to be usedd again. No, the meta tag just gets less of a merit in a search engine results page (SERP) so disregarding it is an easy mistake for a new webmaster.

Meta-description tag; There are parts of a pages meta that are important, this is one of them. This is what will be shown by your site in a search result snippet for that page. A meta-description tag should be a good description of what your site is about with pleasant wording. Keywords and keyphrases can be placedd in here that will help increase your search engine rankings.

Image-description tag; When a webmaster places an image on any page of a site without the appropriate tag. A search engines crawler has no idea of what that picture is about or incorporates. This is where the webmaster has to tell the crawler (Googlebot) what it is and what it’s about. As a webmaster, before you upload your files to your server be sure there search engine optimizd. Neglecting this will not affect your image-description tag but adding it increases its potential.

URL name designation; There’s a reason I left this until last. Designating a name for a newly added URL on your site is of most importance to a webmaster. Ensuring the name describes the new page well but also as briefly as possible, is a must do. Putting in a keyphrase is good as Google will show these as search results, further enhancing your sites SEO.

If you (the webmaster) takes care of these aspects in your site. You will definitely see an increase in your search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Don’t pay someone else for Search Engine Optimization work when you can do it yourself! Learn Search Engine Optimization, Today!