Construction Site Management – Site Administration

This should not be confused with site management, although the two are very closely related as we shall see. Site administration is concerned with overseeing the activities of site in whole, rather than specific individual activities. Site administration is usually undertaken through the site office. Some of the activities of the site office that are directly related with site management include:

· Visitor hosting and direction
· Site record keeping
· Workers hiring and welfare
· Work planning
· Time keeping

The site office can be seen as the nerve centre of the construction activities in progress. It is also the first point that any visitor to the site reports to. Direction of the same to any other point of the site happens here. This means that the same should be very close to the main entrance. Being the face of the project in progress, and hosting the consultants, it should as well be in such a manner that it is very presentable.

Some of the facilities that are required to be provided for the site office, depending on the location and in relation to the general environment include:

· Washrooms: These are required to cater only for the consultants and any important visitors that might come calling. This is usually not allowed for other workers as a measure to ensure cleanliness and order. The workers are usually provided with their washrooms, usually away from the site office.

· Seating area: This is usually important especially for holding site meetings.

· General Stationery: Like all offices, the site office needs a good supply of general office stationery in the form of books, books, pens, et cetera.

· Office equipment: These include telephone, computers, storage cabinets and the like.

· Storage space: Construction offices harbor important documents like drawings, contract documents and general site records. For this reason, there is need for good storage space to be provided.

Furthermore the construction site office, just like any other office, there is need for general services like lighting, water, fire fighting installations and air conditioning. Kitchenettes are also often provided, especially for remote sites. The general condition of the site office should be such that it depicts the status of the project in progress. Cleanliness should be maintained at all times. Access should only be limited to a few and the general working population should be served from the window or lobby, so as to maintain order and prevent instances of loss or damage to crucial items and paperwork.